It's all about perspective. Sometimes we look up, sometimes we look down.

Sometimes we look at something closer and don't see what's hiding behind. 

Sometimes we see a tempting beauty in front our nose and forget about the beauty inside.

And sometimes we loose ground under our feet and we roll (too quickly) from one perspective to another.

Sometimes people see me the way I am, sometimes they don't.

Sometimes I see people the way they are, sometimes not.

And sometimes a person surprises me so much, that he/she pushes me over a precipice, and I roll, roll and ask myself how something like that could happen. Then I'm lying down there for some time and am hoping that I'll be able to stand up some day. And then I have to climb again (and again). 

Some people don't understand that I don't want to climb to the top, actually. I just want to find a little corner, where I will feel safe, warm and with people who want the same. We would do what we know the best, no big fuss about that, no pushing and competing. Just us, just the way we are. 

And sometimes we would just want some peace.

Hm, have you found some peace lately?

Posted on April 22, 2012 and filed under creative process, misc, my works, photography, thoughts.