Like I said... one of the important activities on my vacation is: cycling. Austria is super great for that. You will find signs everywhere, some marvellous cycling roads, maps to find the roads,... 'you-name-it'.

I absolutely love it there! I feel like a child, enjoying the wind in my hair...

Sometimes I take my bike with me, but sometimes I rent a bike there. You can find mountain bikes, city bikes, trekking bikes, big or small bikes, solar bikes... to rent.

Yes, I like cycling. And I like cyclists too. They inspire me, and I have hard times not taking pictures of them. Today, I'm sharing one of those pictures with you. It's my contribution to Luzia Pimpinella photo of the week theme: 'two'.

Yeap: two people, two bikes, two dogs, two cyclists at the back! Ok, but only one map ;). Enjoy the wheels and keep going! See you soon!