One of the reasons I like Austria so much is because I always feel welcome there.

No matter where you go, there is something waiting for you. A little attention, a sign that tells you they know you're there and invite you 'please, do feel comfortable in our country'. You will find cups waiting for you to refresh yourself after long hiking. Fresh water or drinks are there if you don't have anything with you. Of course you should pay for the drinks (water is free), but it's all there left for you, even when nobody is at home!

They trust you that you will be honest, pay for your drink and enjoy the visit as much as you can.

And yes, you feel fine. Not because of the fresh drinks or water, not only because of the great views, but because someone who doesn't know you, trusts you anyway. Someone is believing in you, your honesty, your respect, your 'positive you'. And that's why you really feel welcome, even if you were not able to talk to anyone yet... 

Because of that feeling you can really relax, enjoy in the moment and let yourself flow with the nature and view.

In Austria, I learned about trusting people. Is there something you've learned on your vacation?

Posted on February 2, 2012 and filed under about me, misc, photography, thoughts, travel.