If you noticed

I can get inspired by so many things: architecture, people, nature, great books or quotes, etc, etc. I like details and I like things as a whole. My imagination gets busy by exploring small things or big things. The only thing that doesn't inspire me is negative, destructive. It soaks my energy away and then I get blank. 

This is a house I see on my way to work every day. It hardly stands on its 'feet', but there's something about it that makes me look at it whenever I pass by. I still didn't figure it out what is it about it... So I watch it every day - I just can't resist... 

Do you do something like that too? 

This is my contribution for Luzia Pimpinella's blog project: 'Beauty is where you find it'. This week's theme is: 'On my wayside' (#5/2012).

If you noticed, I mostly post on this blog the things I created or took pictures of. It is my vision of the things I see, feel, explore in this wonderful World. But I do get inspired by other works, artists, creative people, great personalities... If you want to see who or what inspires me, head over to my CreatissimoLab Facebook Page for (almost daily) bites and pieces of creative inspiration for you, for me, for them... (If you haven't noticed that already...).

See you here, see you there! Have an inspiring day!