Whenever I hear a word 'fresh', this is what comes up in my mind: 

cold, refreshing waters from the mountains 

refreshing look 

fresh air 

and washed nature in vivid colors 

I think it's about time to show you some pictures from my last year's summer vacation... Are you ready for a trip with me?? If yes, then come here often to see more pictures from my favorite place on Earth - Austria. Here, in this post, are the first images showing my hiking trip near the wild waters from the mountains, beautiful waterfalls and climbing to the mountains. In my next post I will show you where did I climb. See you soon!


This is a post for a PHOTOproject by Luzia Pimpinella: Beauty is where you find it. Check all other visions of fresh here. (image below from the blog Luzia Pimpinella)

Posted on January 25, 2012 and filed under misc, photography, travel.