Creative journal

Why do I journal? 

  • Because I like to visualize my thoughts.
  • Because I'm not good with words.
  • Because I like to experiment and play.
  • Because I like the feeling of paint on my hands.
  • Etc.
art journal detail 1 creatissimo lab.jpg
art journal detail 2 creatissimo lab.jpg

It's not important how the finished page looks like. I don't say it's really mine as many times I use images from magazines, books, pieces of work from other artists... But many times, a new idea emerges from these creative flows, a fresh idea for a new, 'my-only' art work.

You should try it too. You don't have to be an artist, a master of words, and you don't have to buy new art materials to do it. Take what you have and express what you want... It's that simple, that easy! 

Soon you will notice that journaling calms you down, makes you happy and satisfied, it connects you with your inner self, clears your thoughts, it makes you active, it connects both sides of your brain and...

art journal detail 3 creatissimo lab.jpg
art journal detail 4 creatissimo lab.jpg

(details from my creative journal)

I could go on and on with the list of the good effects the journaling can have on you, but I don't want to keep you waiting... Go and try it yourself and let me know how it goes. What kind of journal is your journal and what are your reasons for creative journaling? Inspire us with your own story - we like to be creative together! Thank you!