What a great creative week it was for me this week… And on my hands too! Paint on my fingers all day long… and there was hardly any time to take it off and do some 'business' stuff as well. Good feelings and energy which I think I've got last weekend when I went away to 'my' place. 

Your answers to my question on a FB showed that you want to see more of my works and hear about art and phototherapy here, on my blog.  Maybe you've noticed that I listened to you already and talked about that in my last few posts :).

And as for my works… It's not that I hide them or don't want to show you my creative process… It is just that I have the time and practical 'obsticals' that keep me stuck where I am. When I'm in the process, with dirty fingers and all, it is just impossible for me to take pictures and photograph the process. Maybe it would be easier to record everything with the video-camera on a trypod…, but at this point I can't do it as there are other things that I have to do as well. Maybe… some day…

Anyway, in all that creative spirit this week, I also decided to try Vladka's challenge to combine different stamps. I like mixing things; it is my 'style', so I had fun with it. This is what I came up with in my playful mood:

Let's take a closer look what I did:

First I chose an envelope in natural color. Then I took my stamp with music notes (a) to symbolically create a sky with it. I only inked three rows not all five – I think five would be too much…

Then I needed to create a frame for the address. I chose a stamp (b) with too narrow frame, so I didn't ink one side, that I could make a bigger frame from stamping the same stamp twice.

As every envelope and post should have a 'post-office stamp' on it, I found one for my envelope too. I found it on a much bigger stamp (c), on which I only inked what I needed and stamped it next to the 'address' frame. Great that I didn't have to buy a new stamp for that, eh ;)?

When I see music notes, I get associations of singing birds and when I see an envelope, I think of flying (I usually write to my pals via air mail), therefore I chose a stamp (d) of a bird.

And last but not least I added a dotted border (e) at the bottom of the envelope to 'connect' that part with the upper part ('dotted' music notes) of the envelope.

However, I don't like a perfect, all stamped envelope, so I added some of my own 'touches' here and there. With the blue ink I drew a few clouds on the 'sky' (f), distressed the edges of the envelope (g), and at the end (you naughty girl) I sprinkled some blue ink over the whole envelope (h). I also colored the inner square of the 'address' frame to make it to pop out more…       

And the envelope is now ready to be sent… I should mention that I used waterproof inks and everything, so that if the envelope gets wet on its long road, there will not be too much damage on it…

What a mix, eh??

I like mixing and using different materials or techniques on one piece of art. I was a bit modest here, usually I would work in layers, glue something on, etc… Eeeeeveeeeerything! ;) Well, I'll show you more in the future if you're interested…

How do you usually use your stamps?

Wishing you a wonderful, creative weekend and don't forget to have fun!