These days I look at the World 'closely' ... What if you're small and others big? How is it, if you don't see what lies behind the great fear that stands in front of your nose? How is it, if you look up and see the World from another perspective?

I like to look at the World from up close. Sometimes it is more painful, tiring and sometimes it brings many surprises and answers. Sometimes, a closer look is only a consolation and assurance that miracles still exist!

These days, I admit, I am looking for comfort. In waiting for important news and a disappointment over the people, which I thought I knew… the pain and sadness... my only consolation is a 'closer look', the only guarantee that the world is nice, that nothing has been missing, if you look at it from the right perspective.

Although I don't understand many things now, I know that everything is in place and when the time comes, it will bear fruit - big, small, fat, juicy, full of worms or not... They, the fruits, will be there with a particular aim, specific task, for a day or a month or two... For you, for me or not for anyone...

Miracles do exist, and inspirations even more, if we look at the World from the right perspective, and today, perhaps, we should look at it with a 'closer look'...

Posted on May 16, 2011 and filed under 0:: creative together, misc, photography, thoughts.