Various flowers

Aren't they interesting, all these flowers: of various shapes, sizes, colors, ages…? It's hard to find exactly the same flowers, and that's fascinates me and inspires me. So, where does it say that we have to compare with each other if we are not the same??

The flowers should be a great example to us… Aren't all lovely, special, interesting, different…??

Flowers on the trees:


Flowers in the pots:

Flowers over the water:

Flowers in the garden:

Flowers on the field:

Flowers in the woods:

And more and more…

And flowers in our house (these are for people like me who are allergic to flowers):

And painted flowers (you will find these and others in my CreatissimoLab e-shop

and you can buy as many as you want!)

It's hard to believe how many different flowers! ;)