Often I read comments regarding watermarks on the photos. Some people like them, some hate them - I read all sorts of stuff. I have my own opinion about watermarks.

Of course, in some way I want to protect my works, but I also know how to remove the watermark from a photograph, so I know that the watermark will not save me from those who have bad intentions. Therefore, my watermark is not very big and noticable, and is not intended to discourage the viewers, even those with bad intentions; I still try to make it in harmony with the photograph.

For me, the watermark means quite something else! Information! Yes, I like watermarks on the photos, especially if they give you some information about the artist.
Sometimes I save photos which I find on the Internet, because they inspire me or give me creative impulse. When you save a file, you usually don't have time to rename the picture or write down the author or the website address where you found it, so I love the watermarks on the photos, esp. those which hold such information, so that I can find the author at any time.
In such cases, the watermarks are for me very helpful and useful, so I'm always happy to see them! :) How about you? What kind of opinion or for what purpose you use watermarks in your photos?

This 'mark' has accompanied me all my life. If it was mine and the house would be renowated, I would frame it and keep it forever...

The auctions of my Easter bunnies will last until Friday evening! After that they will move into the e-shop, but the prices there won't be so special as they are now. So, why don't you catch them while you can??
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A post about the auctions on the blog with more explanations.

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