#5: Above

Sometimes we're walking in the air and pretend everything's all right. Sometimes we can see the whole picture from above: the dreams, the scenes from our lives, the drama that we play on the stage... Sometimes we let ourselves to be those children who haven't had any limitations for their dreams.

Today, I'm thankful for all those people who dare to walk in the air, dare to be different, dare to take a distance from the stage of every day life.

I invite you to walk in the air and let yourself go with a flow, and then answer the next question, without any limits, without any doubts:

Question #5: What is your biggest dream (no limitations, please) at this moment?

And just a little reminder (if you don't read our Lab's news...) - dare to walk into Xmas village and join us in a magical world - at least for a day... Read all about it here.


Find the rules of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts 2011' here. Have a good day and thank you for sharing your thoughts!