This year I will leave myself to the flow. I will let myself carry into the direction of the flow. Even when I will occasionally freeze (in time), the Sun will melt me and help me continue.

(an impression from Zagreb)

I leave myself to the flow and am not scared...

Thanks to your response to my post Wishes, dreams... I didn't have holidays, but I already swam with the flow, full of excitement! :)

It seems that I will first try to implement the project of Phototherapy. I can't wait to receive donated digi-cameras, then I will have to find memory cards for them, printer ink to print photos, etc... Ok, I'll have to find some work to earn money, so that I can do the project 'voluntarily'. I would love to work out of pure love of course and not think about money, but unfortunately we are all made like that that we need to do something to get the money for our survival ;).
But the wheels started to turn, and I'm soooo happy about it, because I know that there is no turning back! Yeeeee!
Thanks to you I will change the world, thanks to you there will be more smiles, more tears of joy! Thanks, dear friends!

Wishing you a beautiful and inspiring January and I hope your flow will take you far away to the places you haven't imagined!