Do you believe in angels?
I can tell you, angels do exist! They are quiet, invisible and they don't make a big thing out of their actions!

Last week there were a few angels who took care of me.

(Angels in Zagreb)

Finally, after the holiday I could take some time for myself. A full head needed a break, the body needed some fresh air and breathing, my soul needed new inspiration and fresh ideas.
And what is more beautiful than angels who stepped into my life too?!

Last week I was honoured by two angels. Jess from PeachHoneyLove is an angel who sent me a donation for my phototherapy project! Across the ocean from faraway California - can you imagine?! Yoohoohoo! :) And another angel from Slovenia is making miracles for me! In every e-mail there's a new surprise, each post makes me jump up to the ceiling! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Last week there were also other angels who took care of me on my special day, on my birthday. I was loved. The angels quietly brought gifts, patted me on the shoulder and reassured me that I, in all these years, did something good, useful and important (though of course I still keep myself worried that I did too little, that I am not good enough, that I could do better...). Ah, what would we do without angels?!
What is better than angels bringing books for inspiration, encouragement and growth? Books like that always come in handy, always fill our souls, don't you think? Thank you, thank you - angels who are near and angels, who are far!

I like the angels who are quiet, invisible and don't make great pomp.
They do their duties for which they are called, and do not ask why. They just follow their call. I wish I would let my angel out more often, too...

Therefore, if you believe it or not, angels are! So make sure that they didn't leave their feather behind at your place just today when visiting you! ;)

A beautiful angelic day to you, my friends!

Posted on January 17, 2011 and filed under misc, photography, travel.