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About colors...

...in short...

Anyone who had to prepare himself/herself for the school (and working) days, was certainly faced with a bunch of color palettes that stroked, provoked, jumped into our eyes... - in short, wanted our attention in more or less friendly way.
From the Fine Arts or Art Therapy point of view, I could write a thick book about colors, but because I have a whole list of books that I have to write before it, this one will have to wait a little bit longer...

So, in short...
One of the most important part of a decent working place is certainly a magnetic board. Today, by offering all sorts of colors, we don't have to choose (for some people) dull white color for the magnetic board, but we can choose any color, or even paint it ourselves just the way we want it.

The instructions (the exact dimensions of the sample as well) can be found at www Dom in Stil, when you click on the link below:

or my blog post (in English) here: link

Ok, great, but how to choose the right color for yourself or for your partner and his/her working place? Or, what to choose for your child who doesn't want to see his/her room painted in pink or blue? We said a few words on this subject in a separate article, where you can find the first lesson about the color in space or on a particular object.

Click the link below to see if you have known 'the secrets' for some time anyway, or have a natural sense for choosing a right proportion of colors for the things you buy or try:

And tell me was that information useful to you? Are there any questions bothering you and make you worried when you have to decide which colors to choose?

Reader Comments (1)

Thank you, Jozica for your lovely comment :-) And I think your magnetic board is a great idea! Did you use a special colour and which kind of board did you take for it? The article about how to choose the right colour also sounds very interesting!

Thank you for the inspirition :-)


September 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDemoiselle Libellule

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