Creative studio...

...where dreams come true...

Finally, you can peep into my creative corner - from beginning to the end.

It took some time to think about what I need in the studio and what the layout would look like to be practical as much as possible. So that you don't stumble over the things on the floor or spill the paint on the first swing of the arm - I'm sure you know what I mean :).

(planning the creative studio)

Now, that I use it already, I know that it is a place, satisfying my taste and needs, and that I just don't want to go out of there!!

More about the beginnings of my creative corner on www Dom in Stil, if you click the link below:

Are you particularly interested in something I wrote in the article? No problem - just ask me! :)

And of course, I already can't wait to get your comments and read how you've designed and organised your own creative corner, studio, office or 'just a space for you'.

Posted on September 28, 2010 and filed under about me, creative process, design, misc, published works.