A website guide

Laboratory studies have shown that some do not dare to surf through the ingredients of our website, so we've provided a picture-text CreatissimoLab quick guide to the website for you.

Welcome to the Laboratory of Creative Life - be brave!

When you surf to the www.creatissimolab.com site you can start with browsing through the links, written under the name:

Are you wondering what is behind these links?
Let's see:
a - Home: here are all the links to which you can return to whenever you surf too far.
b -
In the Lab: current activites, where we go, what we do, what is growing in the Lab, what is on its way... (or the reasons why there is no time for writing on Creatissimoineng blog).

c - Expressions: Here the information will be collected, what we have done in the past, what we've created, but also what others said about us and where you can see our work. We're still working on our future projects, so there's not much text about our past achievements written there, but we will change that, I promise!
d - About me: walking path of my life, my approach to creative work and why I can't do things differently.
e - Contact: where to write, where to call for more information or how to tell me what you would like.
f - RSS: fresh Creatissimo news directly to your News reader or mailbox? Choose the news you're interested in and start reading - today!

Because we know that you wouldn't be satisfied just with only a few lines, you can get more links on the left side of CreatissimoLab website. Click on them to investigate our services:
g - just one click and you can peek at Creatissimoineng blog, CreatissimoLab page on Facebook or read our tweets on Twitter. Since the last two are still under technical reconstruction, they are not yet operating at full speed, but please do not give up on us! When we're done you'll hear and read news, which will not always be found on our blog or website. So, you are welcome to socialize with us, too!
h - click on Workshops or Courses and explore what services you can expect from us. Click on the workshop/course that interests you to familiarize yourself with the details. Do you have any special requests? Contact me and we will look at it and see if we can help.
i - In need Creatissimo also helps to take care of your children. Educates not only safeguards. Learn more after you click on the link.
j - Art therapy is a major service of Creatissimo. The assistance, support, stimulation, inspiration. It is the means by which we can improve our lives. Under the mentorship of art therapist you can safety walk on the path of renovation and rebirth. You are invited to read more about art therapy and use our service to enrich your life.
k - colorful, mischievous, serious, profound, strange, interesting... In the Shop you can choose a product that you most care about, or write me your wishes and dreams and we will see if we can make them true in our Lab.
(The Shop currently grows day by day. For fresh news from the Shop subscribe to the feed in the shop (bottom left under 'Actions')).
l - See what Creatissimo can custom make especially for you according to your wishes and needs... Illustration, design, painting, photography... - try us what we can do!
m - Creatissimo creates and operates in partnership with some other companies and persons. The link Creatissimo and... hides a number of links to interesting creative places where a lot of different things are going on. Check them out and call us if you would like to become partners with Creatissimo too!

And on the right side of CreatissimoLab website you can find fresh news from Creatissimo:
n - For those of you who are always in a hurry, here are the latest news from the website: from the Lab, from the partnership with Dom in Stil, and news about the current workshops.
o - Below you can then find the latest news from the Slovenian and English Creatissimo blog,
p - and you can admire the latest products from CreatissimoLabShop or surf to our Facebook page.

Lots of ideas will see the light of the day in our Lab in the future, therefore you are invited to visit us frequently, browse and explore what lies in the corners of the Lab, and tell us what you like or what do you miss, but you know that we can do it. We take all your suggestions seriously as our motto is: 'Creating together' - because you want (to create) more! Do you dare?

I hope this guide helped you navigate through our website. Statistics will show if you browsed and surfed through the content easier, if you took friends with you to join us, if you talked about us on your blog or FB and dared to do some shopping in our new Shop.

Creatissimo does all this for you, so come on and enjoy in the Laboratory of Creative Life! See ya there!

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