New website!

Finally, the opening of new website!
There are some things to be added later, but most of the things are there, ready to be explored, so it's worth a look. (Click on the image to jump there).
The website is in Slovene and English, so you're very welcome there.

I have to admit that I'm very proud of myself as the whole site was made by me: the design, layout, system, etc - from A to Z. Also, all those computer-technical language was handled by me too. Therefore I am even more proud of myself.
I hope you will like it and that you will return for fresh news often.

If you find some typographical, grammer or technical trolls, please let me know. As I sat at the computer so much, sometimes I saw double, triple things, angular, circular; no words to describe it. PS: Well, apparently a few of you will have some problems if you have older versions of Internet browsers (eg IE6 and 7 are behaving weird), so upgrade your machines, if possible. Sorry, I could not get rid off these trolls :(.

So I finally deserve a short vacation, and when I'm back, there is another big thing waiting for me to be set: a new Etsy e-shop! Can't wait!

While I'm gone, take care and be creative as much as you can, ok? :)

Posted on August 5, 2010 and filed under about me, creative process, misc, my works, soon to be.