Going on...

...a lot!

Have you noticed that I haven't been on-line a lot lately? What can I say? Things are going on, going on..., so there is a little time left for my hyperactive guy (read: my computer).

This week, my days were the days of learning, flying lessons, exploring my inner self, creating among the books, organizing disorganized, and some funny and exciting adventures somewhere in between.

All details very soon, when I will talk about:
*how I was filled with energy at expressive therapy
*how I worked on our family model at art therapy
*flying lessons with many creative souls and our guide Kelly Rae
*creating with children among the books in Ljubljana's libraries (more about that here: link)
*funny events with the Dom in Stil Team, when the rain interfered our work and photoshooting in the nature (you can read an introduction to the dramatic story of our adventures here: link, and see the first pictures here: link)

And while I was not here, I've got some new visitors on my blog! Yoopie! :) All of you who have visited my blog for the first time, I want to say to you: you are always welcome! I'd be glad if you comment, ask, suggest creative ideas and tell something about yourselves on my blog :).

And all of you, my loyal followers of my blog, thank you for all the encouraging and interesting comments, every-day visits, and for the words that make me think... I'm grateful for you :)!

You know, for some time I have a little surprise waiting to be delivered to one of you, my loyal followers... It may knock on your door very soon, who knows?! :) As you know, I don't let the machine to choose the 'winner', I always choose a person whom I admire (and thank) for his/her words, creative ideas, thoughts, effort a person puts into my life, my blog. I believe that we never know when just a word, a smile, a handshake makes someone happy and makes his/her life better. This can be you and this is maybe a meaning of your life!

I promise, I'll visit you and your blog as well. I did not forget you!
There's also a list of new 'flying' friends waiting for me. I checked a few blogs already, but I would like to leave some comments there - there are so many gorgeous posts out there, I can't wait to have time to explore all! I'm soooooo happy that I've joined the Kelly Rae's e-course and have now so many creative souls next to me to be inspired, supported and loved :)! Thank you, my new friends - it's great to fly with you all :)!

And last but not least, a while ago I promissed you more pictures from my wandering with my Tiny paintings... So here they are...

(Are not the Slovene coastal houses photogenic? "- See the pictures above...)

(and isn't that creative atmosphere super great?)

(and here are some yummy goodies:)

(and traditional costume of Primorska Region)

How about you? Have you visited any interesting places lately or have been creative these days? I can't wait to hear what you've been up to!!