Have you noticed...

... that something is going on?

(from the exhibition in Austria - author unknown)

In fact, it's not going on much on the blog (as the weather is perfect for the creative things etc), because:

1. if you looked to the right sidebar, you could notice that two icons magically appeared there. If you click on them, you will broaden your horizons about what's on my mind and in my creative hands at that very moment.

  • On Twitter we can tweet about some brilliant ideas, sing about things that have been said already or chatt about little things and relax.
  • On Facebook you will see what is going on, what is in the process of creating and anything else what's going on with creatissimo. I'd love it if you become eager fan on the creatissimoLab FB page, so that I'll put even more effort in my work, create more and experiment more, more, more!
2. remaining the same under the Website tab, you will find the picture which linked to my website, but now the link is new, as I'm working on a new website! Yoohoo! Yes, finally the new website won't be so static as the old one and it will be in English and Slovene language - isn't that great?! I'm transmitting the content from the old site to the new, but slowly the site will be all transformed into a single 'image' of beauty :). Since the page is bilingual, the transformation will probably take a little longer to be done, so I thank you for your patience and understanding!

3. because of the new website a new need has emerged: a need for a neat international shop with my created products... Well, I plan to work on that over the summer because... we can't do everything at once, right????

4. then I finally sorted all the blogs from my endless list of blogs and added them to Google Reader. It took some time to do all that (esp. sorting into the folders etc.). Now I can tell you the good news, that I'm reading your blogs - every day(!)! Well, I just didn't catch the time to leave comments to you, yet. But I'll catch up, I promise!

5. I also installed a voice reading software, so that I can now listen to the content on computer and create at the same time! How cool is that, huh?! I'll need this in July when I'll start designing posters for a client...

To sum up. Too much sitting at the computer. Can not wait to hear the Flying lesson about time management. This is my urgent need!! I really don't feel good not having time for the comments, your blogs and for creative things at this moment. I hope I'll work on that soon! (and change something about it too). I love to be connected with you!

However, not all the things are grumpy; here is my happy news: the DomInStil team (and my blog) were presented on our national tv's website!! (see here) Aren't we great?

So much for today. Come visit my website, FB or T, if you're in the mood. I'll be happy to meet you there too! Have a great creative day!

Posted on June 20, 2010 and filed under about me, misc, soon to be.