Two wolves and waffles

My creative workshops for children are prepared and based on the creative process, imagination and are promoting the qualities of each individual.
They are broad-based enough to let the children compose a whole 'story' from the ideas of all the individuals, and let the individuals participate in the creative process within their capabilities (both younger and older kids).

The workshop at the festival Veris in Logatec was designed to let the children, to be creative in all the creative fields: in artistic creativity, music (Veris Festival is a festival under the auspices of the music school) and drama creativity.
We learned non-verbal communication, tried to work on empathy and trained ourselves in improvisation.

That was fun!!

At first we did creative art. The young wolf helped as well:

Then we played the games Blind Mice, Hide and seek, and rolled on the floor laughing :) :

Finally, the little girl gave sweets to young wolf and the young wolf ate all the waffles, while the old wolf thought that the young wolf was eating the kids:

O, we laughed and had so much fun :)!
Children are always very original and open to the challenges!

Come and join us one day too! ;)

Posted on June 16, 2010 and filed under creative process, creative workshops, misc.