My favourite place (water)

Here is my third part of my posts about my favourite place.
It is situated in Bela krajina Region (SE of Slovenia).

I esp. love this place because of the water. Without the river Kolpa, the nature would not be so green and full of life! Here you will hear sounds that you'd never hear in the town.

I adore river Kolpa and its beauty!

I love its colour!

It is not blue.
It is veeeery greeeeeeeeen!!

I remember how we used to listen to the sounds of the water-mill...

...and I remember how we used to build castles in the sand...

I love to listen to the river Kolpa.

The sounds are sooooo peaceful!

You will find a primeval forest at the river and a place where you can 'drink' eternal youth...

...and this is a place where even the trees are not 'just the trees'...

Come and visit one day :)!

Are there any places that you love and would recommend to us to visit?

Posted on May 10, 2010 and filed under misc, photography, travel.