Ever wonder about issues that are taken for granted? Well, now they are perhaps self-evident, but a few years ago...

I like to play with thoughts like:
- Who found out that the cooked potatoes is edable and the raw is not?
- Who 'invented' string for the toilet?
- What would have happened if we haven't had clocks?
- Why are traffic lights red, yellow and green?...

Many thanks to all those concessions that we made. I don't need to think of and invent new things, new techniques, new approaches, but only live a normal life and get things like that in my lap. Thanks to researchers!

Question no.2 (rules of the game can be found in previous posts - here and here):
Do you wonder about some self-evident things although most of the people don't see 'it', but you always wonder how the 'thing' came to the world?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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