The beginning or the end

Here we come to the end, the end of the game and the end of the year... - with mixed feelings...

It's hard to say goodbye, close the door, to say goodbye to another era, but on the other hand we want something new and fresh, we are waiting with excitement for a start of a new era.

Are we ready for an empty, a blank page? Are we waiting with a pencil or paintbrush in our hands? Do we fear that everything will be as usual, are we going to be disappointed (again)?

For me, the end of this time, is a time of forgiveness and a purification time. When it's time to clean up old stuff, take what is good, clean our inner and external 'us', and during all of that explorations find our soul and its essence. Have I followed my path? How many turns it took for me to return to my intended path, how many obstacles I had to climb...? Do I still find myself on a map of my life?

Each new year is a new day of my journey. I know it will be interesting, unpredictable, exciting! I know it will be different than yesterday, I know it will be full of surprises.
For this new year I have chosen this manifesto that will guide me - so that I'll stand on solid ground, but also will allow me to want more. Really, that's my life after all!

(Thanks: Holstee)

Today is the feast of old and new, beginning and the end, light and darkness... Today, it's a feast to celebrate you or to celebrate the others (or with the others). Therefore, today I say thanks for the holidays. The holidays bring us back to our essence, they slow us down, they offer a possibility to forgive and start anew. Thanks!

Question No.10:

Who or what you would like to thank for an interesting experience, memory, etc... in 2010?

This is the last question of the game 'Giving thanks and giving gifts'. You will have time to answer all the questions and to check if you have fulfilled all the conditions and rules for participation until Jan.6, 2011. In the meantime I'll check your blog, and see if you put my button there, etc... You will read further info regarding the game after the holidays... :)

In the new year 2011 I wish you much inspiration,
lots of creative moments,
inner peace, harmony
and the sparkles that will light a fire in you!

Let you keep warm! With Love,