Sparkles everywhere. Sparkles on the trees, sparkles in our eyes, sparkles in our hearts. Because of all this playful dazzle the World around us looks magical, friendly, don't you think? I love magic, I love playfulness!

I wish you a magical Christmas in the circle of your loved ones, in a warm place and under a strong roof. I wish that in these festive days you meet a lot of sparkling eyes. I wish you warmth and safety. I wish you Peace and inner joy. I wish you all the best!
And stay creative!

And on Saturday and Sunday, just after Christmas night, I invite you to come into a magical world! Yes, you heard it right! Magical World! You will find it in Slovenske Konjice, in the Old part of the town. There you will find me doing magic together with the magical characters from the fairytales (and Santa Claus will be there too). We will sparkle joy and laughter! For more details, see the CreatissimoLab website under the title:
(click on the link)
You are welcome to join us! And I can't wait to see sparkles in your eyes!

Sparkles in the eyes often tell us that curiosity, life, hope lie behind them... Therefore, I wish you lots of curiosity this season! Look forward to all the attention that you get, to small steps that you do, warm hugs, shy kisses. Rejoice, laugh, enrich your inner self!
And if you forgot the recipe for curiosity... you will definitely find it here in this video. - The best recipe I say!! ;)

(another inspirational and creative animation I think)

Question no. 8 (the rules can be found in previous posts):
What do you like about Creatissimo blog? What you read with curiosity, what are you looking forward to read? What kind of posts would you want in the new year, what kind of posts make sparkels in your hearts?

I wish you a beautiful holiday season and hope to see you in Slovenske Konjice tomorrow!