Greetings to a new winter day! Since going to the fair in Zagreb (Croatia), the snow over night messed with my plans. First I had to clean the snow off the yard to be able to go anywhere at all, then had to be ready for all the traffic confusions on the roads, etc... I don't like it, if I can't rely on others and if things do not go the way I've planned... : (

Ah, yes, reliability!
When I wrote the post 'Catch the rhythm' and talked about the 'Lion King musical', I saved a few words for today's topic about reliability. The performers in 'King Lion', in many interviews, talked about reliability. How they have to rely on one another over the whole performance, and that they have to be there to a 'cm' accuracy. Everyone should stand at the precise point at a specific time, otherwise others may hurt themselves. Their masks, costumes are in fact often the whole constructions which can cause serious injury if an entertainer falls.
In this video you might see better how many different constructions are in the play:

When working with children, of course, we are faced with another type of reliability. With the confidence which children expect / need from us. Sometimes parents are not very aware that the reliability means stability, and that the child needs to feel stability to feel safe and loved. Reliability, of course, also means that what we say, we mean it! We don't change our mind. Our children do test reliability to explore the boundaries, so saying no to his/her first request, and then after five minutes of his/her begging we say yes, is not what benefits the child. Actually with such a method we only show that the child can't rely on us.
Years ago I worked with extremely apathetic 8-year-old girl who was not a happy, bouncy child. On any matter she didn't respond, not one word was taken seriously by her. Not even the words like: 'in five minutes we are going to a shop' did raise any mechanism in her. This was her defense because her parents promissed her a lot of things, but they never fulfilled them. The girl protected herself so that she no longer reacted to any words and no longer relied on her parents.

Many people believe that the reliability is boring, predictable. But if you think well... Do our cells in the body wander around without a system? Do our eyes one day look at the things and the next day they smell things? What about the Universe - does the Earth rotate in one direction and after five minutes in the opposite direction? Not quite so, right?

(Photo from one of Austria's museums)

Therefore, today I thank all those who are reliable. Those who are trying to get somewhere on time..., that what they say is done..., who provide security to others. Thank you, thank you, I appreciate your reliability very much!

Question no.6:
How important is reliability for you? Are you trying to be reliable, or you think you'd be limited by it? Do you expect the reliability from the others and where do you think the reliability is the most important?

Have a good time in snow-white idyll and take care!

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