Catch the rhythm...

... I could say for today's post about giving thanks. I'll speak about music.

The music and the people take or give us energy.
Sometimes I've invested a lot of energy in people who were just taking, taking, taking..., in the hope that we will get on the same wavelength one day. I failed. At some point I decided that I will invest energy only in those who also returned (invested) energy back, which for me means that the energy was circulating. You pass the energy to someone, he gives it back or forward to someone else, another person to another one etc. etc.
Such a principle I use everywhere now: from workshops to blog. There are people who write blogs with some slender, self-sufficient tone. They expect feedback, cooperation, praise, comments, etc.. And they have no need to spread their energy across other blogs, with their comments or other way. But aren't the wheels driven forward only by the spin, huh?
So I really appreciate all those who are struggling with the comments, though they have a little time, although perhaps they don't agree with written words, although... Thanks to you, the wheels rotate forward on your and my blog, no matter why you are writing your blog. Thanks!

Similarly, it is in music. One revive us, other soaks us. Music therapists could say more about this topic.

For today's post I chose music that gives me energy, puts me in a good mood and is an incredible inspiration for artistic creation.

When I first saw live The Lion King musical, I was amazed by innovation and creativity of Julie Taymor. What a person can create, if he/she has support in the implementation of ideas! I just can't find words to describe all this - all the wow's, oh's and ah's of astonishment, surprise, fascination...

Every time I hear it, every time I see the musical, I am full of excitement! I'm completely taken over by all my feelings, all my senses and my energy of joy.

Why I like it:
  • Great music, especially the one under the hands of Lebo M (choral singing)
  • Innovative costumes
  • Mixing of different styles (from shadow puppets, puppets, wooden accessories, clothing, constructions - nothing is missing)
  • A perfect scene effects
  • Playing in the audience (the music and the actors)
  • A great cast!
When all of this together, the project is bursting with energy, dynamism, enthusiasm!

I saw quite a few musicals and all were fabulous, but this one was fantastic also from the artistic point of view, because it embodies a lot of different art expressions. You must see it, if you haven't already!
Although I've seen it years ago, it still gives me the energy and the creative impulse. And that's why I love that kind of music!

Question No. 3 (rules of playing in the first and second post):
Do you find the energy in music (and what kind of music is that)? What about people - do you associate only with those that give you energy or...?

Spend a weekend full of energy and let your creativity out! Enjoy!

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