Wrong and Right

Teachers note and I have noticed at my workshops that many children hold pencils incorrectly:

1. they hold thumbs over pens
2. they press the middle finger on the pen instead of supporting the pen with the finger
3. even when they rest their hands for a while, you can see who is holding a pen incorrectly
4. who can write or draw anything precisely, if he/she holds the pen with squashed fingers?...

I can barely find those who hold a pen properly: with a pipette grip (thumb and forefinger hold the pen in place, the middle finger supports the pen).

I do not know how many today's kindergartens and schools devote time to this issue... Maybe I will be unfair if I say: too little. If it was enough, we would not see so many children who write incorrectly. When I was in The States years ago, experts in kindergarten regularly monitored the children and checked their abilities, which I loved. Because, in my opinion we should start this in child's early age, not when he/she is in 5th grade...

Sometimes I wonder where are the experts to talk about it? Are we aware of the implications of poor motor skills, poor concentration, poor coordination of eye and hand?
We should help the children before it's not too late!

PS: If you or your kids have problems with holding the pens, you can buy a special 'adapter' for the correct posture of a pencil (here in Slovenia we buy them in a special pharmacy shop) or buy 'triangular' pens. Of course, you still have to take care to properly hold a pen and train yourself in graphomotor skills, but this tool is a good start to improve the problem.

Good luck!

Posted on November 18, 2010 and filed under education, misc.