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Something's cooking...! - Lunch, dinner?

So, what's cooking at your place? We're going to be creative together, so you better have your creative materials ready!
Show us what you had for your lunch or dinner - in colours!! No photographs of your real lunch, only colours. You should organise them according to the portions you had.

You need:

  • something to paint/draw on (you'll put only colours on, no shapes, so it's an easy task, isn't it?!)
  • painting or drawing material
  • good memory to remember what you had for your main meal ; )
I painted my lunch. In colours, it doesn't look anything special, but it was mmmmmmmmm yummmmmy! See:

How about yours?
Enjoy creative process, and I hope to see your creations soon! (You can share them directly or send us a link). And by the way, enjoy your meal!

Reader Comments (1)

Very clever idea!

August 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSlices of Beauty...

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