A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves.
— Lao Tzu

A mosaic about me or everything I (still) carry deep inside me...

If you had to describe me in one word, you’d probably say I'm curious.
Curiosity drives me forward and gives me energy. Just out of curiosity I tried and tasted a lot of interesting ‘stories’ and things. And when I found inspiration in those stories, I felt the need to put the gathered experiences from them in some form of creativity. Those moments were like holidays for me, an ode to life, nature, beauty and perfection. Because I believe we are created to create!

I’m an art teacher, specializing in art- and photo- therapy, author, illustrator, designer, amateur photographer, creative experimentator and explorer (scroll down to learn more about me and my working experiences) . I live in Slovenia and sometimes in Austria, in a small and green gems in the middle of Europe.

My passion is: creating, coaching others, taking pictures with my camera to feed my soul, reading blogs, books and professional articles, cycling, relaxing my eyes at river Kolpa, filling up my ‘batteries’ in Austria, enjoying the miracles created by nature and spending time with nice, friendly ordinary people

I am who I am because of my curiosity, the desire for new knowledge. Many people inspired me on my learning path… - I thank every single one for helping me grow on my path.

I love my journey, and I hope I will meet many interesting, inspiring, glowing people on my path, with whom we will create and enjoy the gift of life together!

Creatissimo - when you want to create more! - is a result of many years of tasting and testing, ups and downs, theory and practice, explorations and listening to children, parents, educators, teachers, victims of crime, wise men and my own heart. We are all unique, special, original.
Creatissimo believes that the healing creative process awakens in us a genuine happiness from deep within which helps us climb over our obstacles and problems, as well as helps us align with our inner self.
Creatissimo is a sanctuary for everything what we believe in and what believes in us.

I would be delighted if we would dive into the healing power of creative process together!



  • graduate teacher of preschool children
  • professor of Art education (graduated under the supervision of wonderful creator Edi Majaron and academic sculptor Jakov Brdar)
  • post-graduate Art therapy student
  • crime investigator for special tasks at Ministry of the Interior
  • author, lecturer, designer, illustrator, amateur photographer...
  • international certificate for interviews with victims of crime and sensitive people
  • international certificate EBL - Emerging Body Language (3 levels),
  • CAE
  • trained in basic skills in Waldorf and Montessori pedagogy, design, Adobe InDesign, singing (a student of Judy Garland's student from USA), have learned a bit about other teaching methods (Reggio Emilia, High/Scop, positive psychology, etc.) and about Feldenkrais and Brain Gym techniques
  • knowing a few things about our capital Ljubljana - from the course for city-guides

Work experiences

  • in Slovenia and abroad (Austria, Bosnia, Denmark, GB, USA) - kindergartens, schools, projects, art- and photo- therapy workshops, lectures, chouching for adults
  • with people of different nationalities and cultures (including the Gypsies, Albanian, Dutch, Americans, Austrians...)
  • and people with different abilities and needs (persons with mental disorder, gifted children, victims, patients in psychiatric institutions...)

  • designing, illustrating: children's magazines, school learning materials, posters, projects and scenography
  • wrote and illustrated a few books in Slovene language ('Mačji recepti z mišjo prilogo', 'Moji mamici', 'Mojemu očku', 'Polž na verigi', 'Sledi - po lovskih poteh')
  • sang in a choir Consortium Musicum in Ljubljana, played piano, small flute, Orff instruments...

You will be able to read more about my experiences and my path soon here.